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Videos to advertise and market your business on websites and social media

Big Barn Media is a video production company based on the Isle of Wight.

We produce high quality online video content for business to promote and market products and services.

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Video for business

Why use video marketing?

Think about how you use the internet

to search for products or services….

Are your next customers any different?

We all live in a media rich world of visuals on TV, cinema, tablets and smartphones. Nowadays people really want to see a product in use, to hear about services,

or to learn about the people behind a business.

Your video can showcase your business on your website, Facebook, YouTube…

Why not have a series of short films that you publish on Twitter weekly…

Make your business stand out!

Big Barn Media has 30 years of experience in making commercials, documentaries and online video. We can help you produce content to show your next clients the unique attractions of your business.

Stand out in your marketing video using animated graphics, interviews or high quality photos.

Watch the video showreel below to see the styles of video that we could make for you.

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